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Glass Curtains

Glass curtains are safety glass panels about 400x800mm wide that come together to cover an aperture, arched or square, usually in a naya or a terrace.  These glass leaves glide horizontally within tracks top and bottom until they reach the end of the run, when they swing out to stack at 90 degrees (or a little more) to the track.

There are no vertical frame members, so there is nothing to obscure your view of the mountains, the valleys or the sea whether they are open or closed.

When they are closed, all you see is the view beyond.  When they are open, the same thing, as there is nothing to spoil the view – it’s all at the sides.


The top and bottom tracks are made of strong aluminium sections.  The tracks are the only frame element and can be made in any colour, including wood effect.  White is the cheapest, as it is a volume seller.

We use the NeoGlass tracking system as it’s simple and durable and there is virtually nothing to go wrong.  The leaves do not hang from the top tracks so there are no wheels to rattle, sway or wear out.  The weight is on the bottom track and the leaves glide effortlessly in Teflon runners which give support across the whole width of the leaf.  A 3000mm high leaf that is 600mm wide and 10mm thick weighs about 80kg or nearly 13 stone.  There may be only 3 leaves or there may be a dozen leaves in your installation, but however many there are, that weight is best supported safely on the ground, not hanging from an aluminium track a metre above your head.

Each of our glass curtain installations is custom made.  The height and width of the glass leaves will be the optimum for the area you want to enclose.  Naturally, your preferred designs are the foundation of any plan, but we will advise you on layout and talk over design with you until we have reached the most aesthetically pleasing solution that is consistent with convenience of use and good practice.

The glass used for the leaves is 10mm thick toughened safety glass.  If a stone thrown up by a lawn mower, or any other high impact hits the glass, it will shatter into about a thousand small, safe pieces, which will cause injury to nobody.

The leaf of the end of a run of glass curtains has a spring operated catch and locking bolt that is opened from the inside and hinges like a door.  There may well be more than one of these doors, depending on the layout of the glass curtains.  You can also have an extra door anywhere you like in the length of the run, with a handle and a keylock that can be used as a regular door to enter or exit the enclosed area but which, when required to, will slide and stack away just like all the other leaves.  This is called a flying door and is demonstrated in the videos below.

The bottom track can be on the surface of the floor, or recessed into the floor to be almost flush with the tiles.  It may not be possible to cut the track in, a steep fall on the floor can make it impossible.  An apartment or underbuild beneath may also make it undesirable to cut the track in as doing so may damage the waterproof membrane below the surface.

Whether or not to sink the track would be determined at survey when the exact measurements, angles and falls are recorded to ensure precise fabrication for faultless operation.

Surface trackwill stand about 40mm proud of the floor.  True, you have to step over it but it’s lower than most thresholds you will be used to in your home country and a big plus is that a surface track will self drain if rainwater settles in it.

Glass Curtains will allow you to use an outside area all year round for sitting and reading or taking meals or watching television and dozing comfortable, or for the kids are grandkids to play safely in all kinds of weather.  You will have the pleasure of a heat gain through the glass when they are closed on a chilly day yet they will also let in any breeze that springs up when they are open on a hot day.

Though the naya or terrace that is enclosed will always be best thought of as an outside area, you will really be gaining an extra room with an uninterupted view at a relatively low cost.

Glass Curtains will not keep the terrace or naya as warm as the house in winter.  However, you can put a heater there if you need to.  Glass Curtains will also give you security – these leaves of glass could be smashed but fortunately not many thieves want to smash glass to get in and most people don’t keep valuables in their naya.  You will generally still have all the security of the house behind the glass curtains to give the same level of protection that you already enjoy.  Glass curtains won’t give you full weatherproofing, but very nearly.

We make our own glass curtains, here in our Factory in Pedregeur, with our own unique design features built in.  We absolutely guarantee in writing that if you experience any problem with the product or the installation inside 10 years from the date of installation, we will rectify it free of charge.

After the passing of 10 years, we will still look after your installation, though we may charge for call out and parts.

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We have been in business at our factory and showroom in Pedregeur for over 18 years and are the most recommended window, door and conservatory business on the Costa Blanca.

Alternatives to Glass Curtains

If you need any of the features that we list above as not being available with glass curtains, you may want to consider the alternative products for enclosing an outdoor area.  They are:

Sliding doors

Frameless Sliding Doors

Concertina Doors

Fixed arches or rectangular frames featuring weather sealings and key locking.





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