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PVC Windows

Crystal Windows are pleased to announce that we are now licensed to produce, in house, the renowned and elegant Deceuninck range of PVC windows, doors and conservatories. Deceuninck are the leading extruder of PVC window profiles in Europe and have a long history on the continent as well as here in Spain.

The advantages of PVC windows and doors are: excellent insulation values and the fact that many northern european countries are used to the feel and look of PVC.

On the down side PVC window sections can be bulky compared to slimmer, inherently stronger aluminium profiles, especially in certain situations such as bay windows, or sliding windows within arches for example, where the combination of profiles can become much more obtrusive in PVC.

Unlike a poor quality PVC, the Deceuninck profile used by Crystal Windows will not yellow, fade or deteriorate. Nor will it expand and cause difficulty in opening and locking. It is made for the Spanish climate and as with all Crystal Windows products is guaranteed for ten years.
Crystal choose Deceuninck against other leading PVC profiles such as Rehau, Veita, Shuko, Weru etc, because while at such levels of international competition all of these companies deliver a technically excellent product, Deceuninck offer a suite of profiles for windows and doors which are uniquely elegant with a moulded contour in the section which both enhances their looks and matches very well the classic look of traditional Spanish windows and doors.

Within Deceuninck´s range there is still the option of an ultra modern style of windows and doors.

For more information on this product please visit Deceuninck’s website. As with all Crystal Windows products, our new and replacement PVC windows and doors are made to all the relevant european standards including the CE standard, the international bench mark for window production excellence. Everything found in the various aluminium options from arched to concertina doors can be made in PVC.

NB all PVC windows and doors are fully reinforced using the correct Deceuninck sections, correctly positioned to give maximum strength and allowing all hinges and locks to be directly fixed to the reinforcement (this is not always the case with inferior products) and is essential to providing a full 10 year operating guarantee.


Aluminium Windows

Aluminium window sections are slimmer and inherently stronger than PVC profiles, especially in certain situations such as bay windows, or sliding windows within arches for example, where the combination of profiles can become much more obtrusive in PVC.

Aluminium is the ideal material for conservatory construction, where slimmer profiles give maximum light and view.

Aluminium is extruded at high temperature then coated and oven backed (polyurethane in the case of woodgrain finishes).

All profiles used by Crystal attain the industry’s highest standard and all the suppliers used carry AENOR national registration of quality and organisation, plus the following distinct advantages:

  1. Most other profiles are baked to reach 210°C at which powder polyester forms a coating. All Crystal profiles are maintained at a minimum of 210°C for a minimum of 25 minutes to guarantee long term bonding and hardening of the coating. Inferior baking can be noted in all windows that after a year or so do not clean back to white easily. They become grubby like PVC profiles do with age.
  2. Conventional profiles have in the past been attacked and degraded in warm, moist, salty climates such as that of the Costa Blanca. In response, Crystal profiles are cadmium coated prior to lacquering which absolutely guarantees weather stability of the profile and its coating in such testing conditions.
  3. NOTE: Costs involved in treating residues from lacquering plants are more than double in the case of cadmium coating, but it is considered that the long term benefits far outweigh the initial higher costs, an approach consistent with Crystal’s policy of quality and long term value for money.

All woodgrain finish aluminium used by Crystal Windows is polyurethane coated rather than polyester. Polyurethane is better suited to acquiring wood grain finishes and allows longer baking of finish at higher temperatures, producing a deeper wood grain effect which is guaranteed for 10 years. Other profiles which use polyester wood grain finish have had, in some cases, the problem of fading caused by sunshine. In white and colour finishes polyester is the better suited material and amply achieves the temperature/baking required for those finishes.

We fabricate 2 ranges for opening windows and doors – standard 40mm and System 7.

For sliding windows and doors we have a standard 70mm system with double glazing units of 20mm.

For larger units or as an upgrade we have the S100- a 100mm system which can carry sliding leaves of 160kg and units up to 3000mm tall!



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