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Mr Ray Parker – Javea

Adding sliding patio doors to see the panoramic view

“We tend to earmark a bit of money every year to do something to the villa, and this year we decided, after seeing our friends fabulous new bay window, to have some patio doors installed into our lounge.

We had 2 single glazed patio doors and one small window, but we really wanted to take more advantage of the view we have.  Probably the biggest concern we had when deciding on the right supplier was how long they had been established, because we didn’t want to be left high and dry if something went wrong and the company and had bust.

So, listening to Bay Radio, we heard about Crystal Windows and were comforted by the fact that they’d been in business here for so long. Certainly not a ‘fly by night’ company!

2015-09-27-04-02-43Mike came along to see us and suggested that we go to their Showroom in Pedregeur to get a real feel for all the options open to us. Following that visit, we left with 3 different options and a rough estimate.

The entire installation took less than a week and was completed on time. Our decorator came in and finished the painting and we are absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

I didn’t realise how big the job actually was! The roof had to be supported with 2 massive concrete beams, which had to be manually carried up the steps! There were, at times, around 8 men onsite to make sure that everything went well.

Essentially, the room has virtually doubled in size. The new E-glass that has been fitted stops the heat in the room in the summer and keeps it in during the winter months.

Actually, I put one leg behind the glass and the other one in the sun, and I was amazed at the difference in temperature!

We decided to have mosquito nets fitted as well. We’ve lived here for 15 years and suffered all the time! We just put up with is as one of the ‘cons’ of living in Spain, but, we are absolutely thrilled that we had these fitted. I am genuinely astounded at what a difference they make. In fact, we asked Crystal Windows to fit them to all of our windows in the end, because of the enormous benefit we get from them.”

Mr Ray Parker