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What exactly is PVC?
PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. It is a thermoplastic made from by-products of petroleum. The PVC used in window frames starts as a powder. The materials added to this powder will determine whether the material is stable enough for use in the Spanish climate. We use Deceuninck PVC profile exclusively. It will not expand significantly and will not change colour or deteriorate in any way for at least ten years. We guarantee it. A cheap to produce PVC cannot have a meaningful ten year guarantee in Spain

These days there is a lot of talk about protection of the environment, how does PVC feature in this?
PVC is made from prime natural materials and doesn´t need contaminating products for its maintenance. It reduces heating/cooling costs reducing contamination of the atmosphere and has a long service life at the end of which it can be recycled.

Are there industry standards for windows?
Yes, and windows and doors produced by Crystal conform to and even exceed these European C.E. certificates.

Are there different colours available?
Yes. Crystal windows offer over 100 different colours and beautiful woodgrain finishes in aluminium and PVC. We can create custom colours too, to match anything you need.

Are there special glasses?
There are many, from those giving extra security/safety to those for solar control, higher efficiency, noise reduction

Is installation a messy business?
If windows are measured correctly and cut and extracted using a specific technique, the new unit can be fitted cleanly and the room left spotless. This is where the care and experience of a specialist window installer are noticed most.

What happens if I have a problem after installation?
Simple. You phone us, we come and sort it out. Crystal guarantee their windows, materials and workmanship for 10 years (except pleated nets and roller shutter motors for 5 years) even if adjustments to its function are needed. Everything is covered: handles, glazing, locks, hinges, rubbers etc.

Can you match my existing windows?
Yes. No matter what colour, no matter what style, Crystal Windows have the match for your home

How is aluminium made?
There are different grades of aluminium profile, some not suitable for the Spanish climate. Our aluminium profile is manufactured from raw bauxite, extruded at high temperature, then the colouring and coating applied before baking at a higher temperature and for a longer time than cheaper profiles. Crystal Windows aluminium profile is treated on the internal surface too, to prevent deterioration which in a cheaper profile will, in time, impair the external finish.

What if I need building work doing with the window project?
Crystal has teams who can remove walling, construct walling, tile plaster etc all tied together in the installation of the window. The client deals with one company from start to finish.

What if I need something special, out of the ordinary?
Crystal prides itself in this area and is able to produce specials from one off door designs, true Georgian bar frames to bespoke specialist conservatory roofs, there is literally nothing in the world of windows that we can not make and guarantee locally.

Are arched windows difficult?
They are specialised and have to be measured and produced in a very special way and great skill is required in maintaining a truly parallel and flat unit that closes with a perfect seal, with good tight joints. Crystal Windows are the only replacement window company on the Costa Blanca who make their own curves, in-house, in PVC and aluminium. You get the best curve in the profile to match the curve in the aperture.”

Is supply only possible?
Yes, but we also have a tack fit service where windows are fitted solidly into an opening and adjusted etc ready to be plastered or fitted into pre marcos – purpose-made aluminium sub frames which allow building to be finished and window fitted after clean-up is finished.

Do you cover a large area?
From Castellon to La Mancha and inland

Is extra security possible?
There are many options for increased security on all types of windows and doors including centre locks for sliders, multipoint locks, anti-burglary locking points etc which is best discussed on an individual basis, as to what the client requirements are.

Why Crystal Windows?

  • Because we care about you, we care about our reputation and our guarantee is real. You call us and we will come out. And we will continue to do this free of charge for ten years after the date of purchase.
  • We have been manufacturing and installing now for over 13 years on the Costa Blanca.
  • Almost every product we offer is made in a family business, our dedicated team make almost everything from glass curtains and arches to specialist conservatory’s roofs.
  • In our premises of 1000m2 including a showroom we ensure optimum quality and the ability to service our 10 year no quibble guarantee directly to our customers.
  • We are known for our ability to provide, even in technically difficult situations, a reliable product, installation and service (85% of our business comes from recommendations or existing customers).
  • You never buy just a window from Crystal Windows. Most products in the course of ten years will need some form of adjustment or perhaps just wear and tear (on gaskets, handles etc). This is covered by our guarantee).
  • Frequently we find we have to replace windows/doors bought in good faith from other companies that but for a little attention at the right time could have continued working for some time more. However, as a result of neglect, mechanisms or profiles are damaged that we cannot source. Therefore a reasonably good unit often has to be entirely replaced.

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