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Crystal Windows supply a wide range of door replacements


We have a full range of front doors, in both our classic and “System 7” range.

Our classic range of front doors incorporates a 16 mm door panel in various designs.

The “System 7” range incorporates a 24 mm door panel.

All our doors are available in a choice of colours including white, wood grain effect and coloured.

All our doors are manufactured to the highest standard, incorporating superior quality security mechanisms and fittings.

Usually, Spanish style double doors consist of 2 single doors of 900ml widith.  However, they can very often look too bulky and not very aesthetically pleasing on the eye.  At Crystal Windows, our french door replacements are based on the French widths of 700ml, which means that they are narrower and taller.  Much more pleasing to the eye!

Another option we can offer is remove bedroom and lounge windows and cut the wall back to the floor.  We can then install french doors with balconies.  These types of options can totally transform any property.

Door replacements can be combined with mosquito nets, be full glass or 1/4 panelled at the bottom.    We can even insert a Geogian bar inside the glass for a really classy look and an easy clean!

Other door replacement options include a low threshold height.  This means that you don’t have to step ‘over’ the bottom of the door to go from room to room.  The low threshold still keeps the dust and debris out of the house, but you don’t have so much height to step over.


Breaking into aluminium doors can be quite easy for an experienced burglar.  On inferior products, they buckle the rim by pulling it back and get access to the locking device.

We have developed our very own unique window and door replacement profile called System 7, which adds another substantial, stronger profile that doesn’t let you buckle it and gain access to the locking points.  We can offer this system on all open inward doors, French doors,  single doors, and most windows.

It is not available on glass curtains, because there is no profile, sliding or folding doors.


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