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John Clements
John Clements

I’m John Clements, owner of Crystal Windows, Doors, Conservatories and Glass Curtains.  I began the business in 1997, and it has steadily grown into the most recommended window company on the Costa Blanca.  We are based on the Las Galgues Industrial Estate in Pedreguer, where we have our factory and showroom.  We still remain a true family run company. I am pleased to say that 4 of my children work in the business with me, and 3 of our fabricators are actually brothers! I’m proud of what we’ve achieved over the last 21 years.  I’ve surrounded myself with a great team of people who  are always on hand to answer your questions and to show you different options when it comes to replacement windows and doors.


Hi, I am Nicole, the receptionist, and I will be the first person you will see or hear when contacting us. I speak several foreign languages. In my spare time I enjoy long walks with my dog. Please give me a call on 966 457 253, or call into our showroom, I am looking forward to speaking to you.
Crystal Windows
I'm Jack! I've been working with Crystal Windows since 2017, heading up their sales and design team. I enjoy doing the best for our clients and suggesting ideas and de signs that really make a difference to peoples' lifestyles. In my spare time I enjoy mountain biking, jet skiing, sailing and motor cross sports.
I'm Glen Clements and I've worked here for 4 years. I prepare the quotes and work alongside Gabriel in the planning office. I like the good reputation of the company and dealing with clients. I like any type of exercice.


I'm Gabriel and I've worked at Crystal Windows for 12 years. I'm in charge of the production here and scheduling the installations. I'm married with children and in my spare time I like to play sports.
Hi I'm David Nieto. I've worked here for 12 years and I am a fabricator. There's great teamwork here, which I really enjoy. When I'm not at work, I like to be with my family and friends.
Hello, I'm Salvador and I've worked here for 13 years. I am our No 1. Specialist Technician on curving fabrications. I like the seriousness on the part of the company and the great atmosphere. I like playing sports and watching films.
I'm Kike and work in the factory, cutting and fitting Alu and PVC. I like to spend my spare time with my family and am generally interested in technology.
Hi I'm Antonio Serra. I've worked here for 1 year curving and glass machines. I like the atmosphere here. I like to play football when I'm not at work.
I'm Tony Alfaro Delgado and I've worked here for 2 years. I work with Salvador on the technical curving machine. I love the good atmosphere here and the camaraderie I have with my colleagues. In my spare time, I like to play sports
Hi, I am Victor and work in factory, cutting and fitting Alu and PVC. In my spare time I likes hiking in the mountains, to practice sports and go out in my vintage car.


I'm Ryan Clements and I am head of the fitting team.....
I'm Arthur and I am a fitter alongside Ryan....
I am Benessa and I am part of the Crystal Windows fitting team. In my spare time I play football and like to go fishing.
Hi, I am Mateo and I am a fitter. In my spare time I like to go to the gym and spend time with my family.


I'm Alex. I've been here since 2011, having spent 3 years on Reception but now I work in the Accounts Department. I work very closely with all our departments to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In my spare time, I am a mother and love spending time with my family.
I am Kirstie, I work in our planning and production department. I am your contact and link between our production team who will manufacturer your order and our fitting teams who will install it. I am your after sales contact and available on +34966457253 or +34608266007, or . I speak in English and Spanish. I love my job and look forward to talking to you. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, I also enjoy walking and dancing.

When I came over to Spain, I started fitting windows and doors, as that is what I did as a profession in the UK.  However, I soon found out that the quality of product here were inferior to the product I had been fitting in the UK.  So, that’s when I decided to start manufacturing my own windows and doors.  As a company, we now manufacture all of our products – windows, doors, conservatories and glass curtains.  We have installed state of the art curving machines, which can curve profiles to any dimension without having to join the profiles.  We are the only company on the Costa Blanca that can do this, and we are very proud of this.

From humble beginnings, back in 1997, Crystal Windows has  grown into the largest manufacturer of windows, doors, conservatories and glass curtains on the Costa Blanca.  We have a dedicated work force, fantastic team spirit and many of our employees have been with us for a long time.  I am very proud to say that my four sons have joined the business and continue to be, as all of our team, very valuable to our company.


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