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Folding doors are the perfect solution when you want to open up an entire room, either internally or externally.  They can be used to join the dining room and lounge space, or the naya to the garden.  They are very popular in Spain.

Folding doors are extremely versatile and can be used to bring the view into any room, allowing you to sit and enjoy exactly what you came to Spain for!

Consider this – with any window or glass door, you’d usually have around 2m of glass where you can see your beautiful view.  With folding doors, you can open up an entire wall to to 10m and enjoy a more panoramic view.  The other added advantage is that they double the feeling of livable space.  Say, for instance, you have a wall separating your kitchen and lounge.  By knocking down the wall, and opening up the space between the two rooms, you can bring more light into your space, make both rooms ‘flow’ together seamlessly.  It’s a relatively new concept in Spain, but is becoming increasingly popular, as people can see the benefit of introducing more light and ‘airiness’ to their properties.

Crystal Windows folding doors are properly the best quality product on the market.  They are robust, sturdy, but are very easy to manage.  We are the ONLY company that can guarantee our folding doors for 10 years – and we mean it!  You only fit folding doors once – flimsy products will wear out and break down quite rapidly.

Why not come to our showroom and see the difference in quality that Crystal Windows offer.


Our French doors  can be made to fit either a square or arched opening and are manufactured to suit the architectural style of your home, your taste and your budget.

We can manufacture them with single or double doors with inward or outward openings.

Usually in Spain, French doors are 2 single doors of 900ml each, that are installed together, thus making double doors.  However, they very often look too bulky and are not very pleasing on the eye.  They look heavy and oversized.

Crystal Windows French Doors, on the other hand, are actually that!  They’re based on the French size of doors which are 700ml width each, making them taller and narrower than their Spanish counterparts.

This means that Crystal Windows french doors are elegant and make a stunning addition to any property.  Bedroom and lounge windows can be taken out and the wall cut down to the floor to install french windows.  Firstly, they look superb, classy and easy to clean.  They let the light in to some of these sometimes dark and dingy spaces and they can completely transform the look and feel of the living space you use the most.

We can add juliet balconies, or glass balustrades to complete the look of our french doors, if saftey is a concern.


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