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Ordinary persianas have lightweight aluminium slats that are filled with foam to give some insulation against weather and noise. The purpose of an ordinary persiana is to keep the room dark and cool. If, instead of opening the persiana, it is raised just sufficiently to take the weight off it, a line of pin holes will be opened between each slat allowing a pleasing ingress of light to partially light the room. All our persianas (except autobloquante where they are superfluous) have bolts to lock them shut. Ordinary persianas are usually manually operated by means of a chord or tape running through a pulley that is

recessed into the wall. In awkward positions or retro-fit* installations a surface, swivel pulley may be used. All persianas can be motorised if preferred, either controlled by a wall switch or by remote control. Also, groups of motorised persianas can be operated together for convenience when shutting up or opening the property after an absence.

Crystal Windows ordinary persianas will be guaranteed by us for ten years up to a maximum width of 2.5 metres. The maximum widths for persianas may be exceeded slightly if it is in shelter, out of the wind. For widths in excess of this limit it is necessary to use our extruded slat persianas, as below. Ordinary persianas weigh 3.5 kg per square metre.

As you would expect, these persianas have slats that are considerably stronger than ordinary persianas. Of extruded aluminium with a much increased wall thickness, these persianas weigh 9.5 kg per square metre and are too heavy for manual operation meaning that they must be motorised. Motorised persianas may be operated by switch or remote control.

Crystal Windows extruded slat persianas are guaranteed by us for ten years up to a maximum width of 3.0 metres. As with ordinary persianas it may be possible to exceed this slightly depending upon the location.


The most secure of all our persianas, Crystal Windows autobloquante slats are heavier than the extruded slats, at 10.5 kg per square metre. Width limit is the same as extruded persianas at 3.0 metres with the same provision for exceeding this as with the other units. As with our other security persianas, autobloquante slats can only be operated with a motor, but as an additional security feature, if an attempt is made to raise the slats from a closed position, from outside, the slats will jam up to prevent them opening.


All persianas may be motorised and operated by remote control or wall switch.

All our persianas have baffles in the boxes to prevent cold air and gusts of wind coming into the room.

All our persianas are available in white, colours, metalic finishes or woodgrain finishes.

An ordinary window persiana box measures 155 x 155mm, a door persiana box typically 188mm. Extruded and autobloquante slat persiana boxes may be much larger, depending on the drop of the aperture, due to the thicker slats making a bigger roll when open.

Persianas may be fitted inside the existing door or window aperture, reducing the hight of the door or window frame by the dimension of the box, or they may be cut into the wall above the door or window allowing a full hight door or window frame to be used. The latter is the traditional Spanish way of fitting a persiana, and will give the best result.

*Persianas are sometimes fitted after the window or door has been installed. This is retro fitting and though it can be made to be serviceable, (the pulley is usually fitted outside the window between the frame and the persiana slats) it is ugly and if the tape has to pass through the wall excessive wear is inevitable leading to breakage. A retro fitted persiana may be motorised which will overcome this but the right way to do it is to fit the persiana with the window.

Mosquito nets and persianas prove to be a valuable asset to any home throughout the year, but particularly in the summer.  For more information, simply contact us by email or phone.


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