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Sliding doors can open up your inside room to the outside. You can take out existing doors and windows and have virtually the total wall replaced with 2, 3 or even 4 sliding doors.

When glided back they can leave you with an opening of anything from 25% to 75%

The advantage of sliding doors is that they don’t take any space when opening as they slide flat. They also will never be blown opening, like French doors.

Sliding Doors, or Glass Doors can be in any combination from simple two Leaf 2 track systems to a 3 or 4 track system with 66% opening, (as all three leaves with slide back over each other) and even a full track with 75% opening.

Your sliding doors or glass doors can be doubled up to track 6 lift Track, 8 leaf for track and of course mosquito Nets and persianas and can be fitted to all our sliding doors.


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